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Tfue REACTS to Ninja Accusing Him of LYING About Skins and Shows PROOF! - Fortnite Funny Moments

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Tfue reacts to "Ninja EXPOSED Tfue for FAKING the Real Reason Why He Bought Skins! This video also showcases the best and funniest fortnite clips of today! ----- Intro Music: Track: Arc North - Meant To Be (feat. Krista Marina) Outro Music: Track: The Brothers Records - Chase ----- Fortnite Players in this video: Ninja: TSM_Myth: Dakotaz: Cdnthe3rd: Sypherpk: Kingrichard: DrLupo: Vivid: MitchJones: Shroud: DrDisrespect: NickMercs: Daequan: TimTheTatman: SpaceLyon: Pokimane: Tfue: TSM_Hamlinz: Cizzorz: HighDistortion: NadeShot: SolaryFortnite: Svennoss:...
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