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Making THANOS NEW Sword From Avengers: Endgame REVEALED? (Aluminum Casting)

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Face Reveal will come soon: And i Will Start to live Stream BTS(Behind The Scenes) From AlumiTube WorkShop, also Projects, Video making, Games, Castings, QandA and more, Rember to Follow Check Out My Webshop: Where i sell Merchendise, Casting Sand, Casting Projects and More :) JOIN MY Notification Squad (ALUMINATION): CLICK THE BELL Support My Friends That Make most of my print designs: BUY 3D print files: A_SKEWED_VIEW_3D Youtube channel :) SUPPORT AlumiTube: Subscribe: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: Other Casting Videos: Casting a Bronze Dagger From The Game Skyrim (Mehrunes Razor) Casting a...
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