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E.D.I. Mean on Stretch Allegedly Setting Up 2Pac, Jimmy Henchman Getting Double Life (Part 12)

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Part 11: Part 1: -------- In this clip, E.D.I. Mean revealed his favorite 2Pac song is an unreleased version of "Hard on a N***a," which he says shows 2Pac at his darkest. 2Pac worked with Thug Life rapper Stretch on the track, which led DJ Vlad to ask E.D.I. Mean about rumors that Stretch set up 2Pac for the shooting at Quad Studios. E.D.I. said it was his first time hearing the rumor, and he likened it to the rumor of Suge setting up the Las Vegas shooting where 2Pac was shot. To hear more, including E.D.I. Mean's...
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