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Heer Chhalla | Himani Kapoor | Folk Song

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Himani Kapoor gift us with this incredible performance of a combination of Heer and Chhalla. The musical maestros, Paras Nath and Santosh Mulekar dazzle us with elegant music, bringing a certain class and depth to the song. With gifted artists, Prashant Sonagra, Swaranjay Dhumal and Rickraj Nath this is truly one of a kind. We hope you enjoy this beautiful song and share with your friends and family! Vocals: Himani Kapoor Piano: Santosh Mulekar Flute: Paras Nath Tabla: Prashant Sonagra Percussion: Swaranjay Dhumal Guitar: Rickraj Nath Recorded by K.Sethuraman and Sanjay Rane Video by Rajesh Chaddha Mixed by Paras Nath...
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